Why India


Why India

From sensual – soothing – calm and relaxing to rejuvenating – exhilarating and adventurous are some of the diverse experiences of those who have travelled to India.

Diversity is the magic word here, for there is in store that ‘Something Special’ for everyone in this ancient “Indo Aryan” civilization and “Dravidian” culture which has woven into its fabric, textures of various communities that have settled here over the years.

That is why the Indian sub-continent is more than just a destination – it is an experience – The Indian Experience. A kaleidoscope of arts – cultures and archaeological wonders – India also offers a wide range of topographic diversities of – Golden Sands – Virginal Beaches – Snowclad Mountains – Wide Rivers – Open Farmlands and Deserts – Hot and Cold. Each a natural habitat for a number of exotic floral breeds and wildlife species.

The Indian experience is incomplete without the flavours of the famous Indian cuisine . The popular ‘Indian Curry’ varies from and within each state. Always followed or preceded by the famous ‘Chai – Cup of Indian Tea’. Each of these states, also offer their very own fascinating handicrafts in a variety of materials. An ancestral heritage of ancient techniques.

Another Indian diversity fast gaining global popularity is that of alternative medicines. The country offers a variety of Alternative Medicinal Techniques and Yogic Practices – a rediscovery of ancient sciences to face and fight the perils of modern day lifestyles.Today INDIA is a perfect blend of the ancient and the new . A fast growing hot seat of international business, criss-crossed by information highways with roots still deeply entrenched in its vast heritage.

The Indian Traditional Jewellery and Pure Silk and Cotton Clothes have a heritage of over thousands of years and the craftsmen still maintain the same style and intricate work done in ancient times. Our talented designers are showcasing our jewellery and clothes worldwide in all the trade fairs.
n fact a journey through India is a Rejuvenation of All your Senses as India offers a riot of colors – smells – tastes – sights and sounds.
We will incorporate any of your specific interests while making customized itineraries for Tours to India.
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