ROAD TRIPS IN INDIA  – Starting Price $299 for 5 days!!

Affordable Road Trips in  India- Weekend Gateways

Looking for a safe Holiday in India.  Plan a road trip in India with your friends and family members. It is the best way to enjoy the company of your loved ones and spend precious moments with them.
India is a large country with its varied landscape, culture , beautiful monuments and temples. Most of the travelers to India cannot spare more than a week because of time constraints and other family and business obligations. have created Road Trips in India with a duration of 3 nights to 7 nights to suit travelers visiting India in their summer and winter holidays.  Road Trips in India have been designed for short getaways with families and friends. 
Road Trips – Affordable vacations in India
In our Road Trips Vacation , we have included  stays in budget hotels or comfortable guest houses in big cities and very unique family owned Heritage Hotels in smaller towns which showcase their rich heritage. We have great deals with all the hotels during our summer months April to August and would like to offer these attractive prices to encourage many tourists to do Road Trips in India. In the summer months we plan sightseeing in the mornings or early evenings.   

The High Himalayas are a big source of bringing repeated visitors to India. The beautiful snow covered peaks in the Himalayas with divine names are major highlights of a Road Trip in India. Beaches in Goa and Kerala are big source of attracting many tourists to do vacation in India.

The vibrant culture of Goa and Kerala with its great cuisine, friendly people and beautiful beaches have attracted many tourist to do affordable vacations in India. Goa has become a big hotspots for family vacations. Kerala popularly known as the Gods Own Country has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world from great beaches to meandering backwaters, lush green lower mountains with great jungle Life.

The Golden Triangle covering Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are most popular places for the first time visitors to India. Varanasi is the oldest living town also called the City of Lights, and Khajuraho are popular destinations. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are very popular states to do Road Trips in India.

We will assist in planning your next  road trip vacation In India  You can take a short or a longer road trips vacation by clubbing two itineraries of your choice. Some of the popular road trips in India are mentioned below :-