The delay in sending this email is regrettable, but it took time to stabilize our lives and clear desks. Now I can clearly express my gratitude for a marvelous trip to India. All members of my family were very impressed with our sights , meals and lodgings. There is much depth of information and history in India so I know we just barely scratched the surface. Your assistance made the trip completely fabulous and never a complaint or unkind word from any of my visitors. You have much to be proud of…your service…your nation…your hospitality…your many kindnesses. The trip was great and the guides were outstanding every step of the way. Thank you for a voyage that my family will honor forever!! Best regards,
Carl & Karen – January 2019.



“Dear Sandhya
Josef and I are eternally grateful for your loving help. We would not be traveling to India as often or as happily as we do if you were not helping us. Ajay and Prasad are wonderful to work with . Please know we are ever grateful, send our love, gratitude and blessings so that this year is the best one yet for family, work and God!” –

Judy & Josef !!!!. California. USA. October 2018.



Dear Sandhya,
I wanted to thank you once more for a wonderful experience in India. It’s still hard to wrap my mind around everything we saw and experienced in such a short amount of time. And all of the friendships we made with the various guides and drivers. We will definitely be back to India soon, not sure exactly when, but it won’t be long hopefully.
Best Regards, Jose & Luisa, New York , USA – January’2019




“””” Thank you Sandhya and Network Tours for an absolutely amazing trip for my daughter Kathryn and me. We have both commented on how no other trip has stayed on our minds quite like Incredible India. We are so grateful. Excellent Tour , excellent people. Kind and helpful , amazing experience, thanks to them. 100% recommended “

Richard and his daughter Kathy, Ohio, USA. January 2017”””



We are all winging our way home after a Superlative Indus Shakti Tour. It was indeed a ‘journey of a lifetime’ as you promised. All the days were great and Pangong Lake was the highlight. You will see all our picture on the Facebook as we all graced by a Rainbow at the end of our prayers for peace on Pangong Lake. All the good wishes for the fine work you do in giving travelers and seekers a smooth , happy and uplifting sojourn in our beautiful country. I wish you continued success.
Nilima & Raj



“I’ve gone to India 4 times, the last 3 trips were SRF/YSS pilgrimage. Six of us from NY went in 2017 and the group chose to use Network Tours for all of our travel arrangements and everything worked perfectly. Sandhya is a YSS devotee but first and foremost she is a wonderful person and a very experienced, totally professional business owner with a very successful travel agency based in New Delhi. Good luck! Jai Guru!
– Bill and friends, New York USA – January’2018″





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