Cancellation and Refund Policies

As no one can predict future, for any unforeseen reason if cancellation comes in either ways:

What are the cancellation rules ?

A ) Cancellation by You:
i. Before one month from the commencement of the Tour – 20% of the tour price per person, Air tickets if already issued – USD 50 per person/sector or as per actual cancellation rules which keep changing from time to time.
ii. Within One Month and before 07 days of the commencement of the Tour – 40% of the tour price per person + Air tickets – USD 50 per person/sector or as per actual cancellation rules which keep changing from time to time.
iii. Within 07 days of the commencement of the Tour – 50% of the tour price per person + USD 50 per person/sector or as per actual cancellation rules which keep changing from time to time.
iv. In case you leave the tour after commencement : Cancellation charge will be 100%.
However if there is any genuine reason to leave the tour we will try our best to get the refunds from the principal service providers like hotels, transportation services and will try and refund the same to you

B ) Cancellation by us:
Since all our itineraries are subject to a minimum number of person per tour & the airlines & train schedule, Network Tours reserves the right to cancel the departure or offer an alternate date. You have an option of getting full refund of your deposit if such a case may arise. As a service group, we realize that your time is precious and if under any circumstances beyond our control we have to cancel the tour, we inform you without any delay.

Last minute changes?

Ans. We plan our holidays months in advance, thus any changes due to sudden technical problems, weather conditions, natural calamities, strikes, overbooking, closure of the hotel or any change in the government policy that leads us to alter the itinerary, we will offer an alternative tour or refund as per cancelation rules as stated in clause “Cancellation by You”. We hope you understand that as our valued guest we take every effort to make your journey comfortable but minor changes may occur. We assure you that in event of any major change we will inform you in advance.

What is Network Tours responsibilities?

Ans. Please understand that although Network Tours makes all the arrangements with the Hotels, Railways and Airlines for your comfortable stay and travel, they are all separate entities and thus Network Tours cannot be held responsible if they withdraw their services at any point of time.

Network Tours does not take any responsibility in case of any flight or train delays. A participant of our tour cannot make any claims against us for any loss, injury or damage to self or property due to any act of these separate entities.

Refund Policy  

Refund will be made within 15-20 working days be cheque after deducting such restocking fee as applicable. The company also reserves the right to provide you a coupon in lieu of the refund amount and the coupon can be used by you for making other online purchases within the site.

Covid Policy 

In case you postpone the visit due to any guidelines of Government regarding Covid or you are Covid +ve, we will issue credit vouchers in line to the principal service providers within specified time limit after submitting Covid 19 + certificate to us.  The same guest can travel & this credit voucher will be valid as per time limit provided by principal service providers.